Monadnock Expandable Baton Training

Monadnock Expandable Baton Program will be the training curriculum for the straight expandable baton.  Each course will combine lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands on performance of techniques, as well as required testing.  This certification, on its own, or in conjunction with the OC certification, offers individuals excellent less than lethal use of force options.

There are two certification levels offered.  The first level of certification is the Basic course, which is a four hour course of instruction.  The Basic certification techniques include Stance, Patterns of Movement, Baton Grip, Methods of Carry, Drawing Techniques, Blocks, Strikes, and Retention of the Baton.  The Basic Certification is designed for protection at three different ranges:

  1. The extended range combines the full arm extension with the actual length of the baton as it is held in the strong side hand.  This range is the first line of defense against an aggressor.
  2. The intermediate range falls between a full arms length and one foot of the chest.  As there is less space for movement in the intermediate range as opposed to the extended range, strikes and blocks are designed to rapid and effective use within a confined space
  3. The close range poses the greatest danger from an aggressor.  This range is defined as one foot or less from the chest.  Two handed strikes and or blocks will be taught at this range.

An advanced eight hour course of instruction is also offered.  This course covers all subject material offered in the Basic course, as well as aggressor control techniques and baton-assisted aggressor restraint techniques.

Training is not expensive!  It's life saving.  It's priceless!

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