Carbine Operators Training

The Carbine Operators course will introduce the operating fundamentals to the individual by habituating correct technique under the stress of performance.  You will walk away with an enhanced weapons competency level by practicing techniques to the subconscious level.  The student will learn to zero in their weapon using the traditional iron sights sighting system, as well as enhanced sighting systems.  The ideology of our program is to provide effective and timely solutions to realistic problems.  The individual will perfect the necessary foundational skills to achieve better combat accuracy, tactical proficiency and performance consistency.  These techniques will provide the individual with sound options that can be relied upon if and when circumstances dictate.

Core objectives include:

  • Demonstrates safe manipulation skills, nomenclature and manual of arms for the carbine.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of basic carbine equipment.
  • Mature fighting skills to achieve an optimum balance of accuracy and speed.
  • Demonstrates combat marksmanship skills from standard and non-standard shooting positions at the close ranges (0-50 yards).
  • Become familiar with external (trajectory) and terminal ballistics and anatomical features.
  • Reinforce muzzle discipline from unconventional positions.
  • Engage threats at close and ultra-close distances from various positions and forms of cover.
  • Engage multiple threats.
  • Engage threats using non-standard responses; perform post-shooting assessments and scanning techniques.
  • Transitions to secondary weapon during applicable situations.

Training is not expensive!  It's life saving.  It's priceless!

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