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Tactical Countermeasures Group offers private lessons to its existing students on a case by case basis. All requests for private lessons must be pre-approved prior to registration and payment of any fees.

In general, the following criteria and requirements apply to our instructors conducting Private Lessons:

  • All students must be at least 21 years of age
  • A minimum of two (2) hours of private lessons must be pre-paid
  • Any additional training manuals and / or shipping charges (required to earn some certifications) must also be paid in advance

Please submit a request for Pre-Approval through our Information Request form.

Note: Tactical Countermeasures Group offers private lessons because it is understood that some students may miss a portion of a course, or have special circumstances or needs beyond their control. It should be noted however that our school believes that training taking place in a multi-student environment is actually more beneficial and conducive to more rapid learning of most firearm skills.

Training is not expensive!  It's life saving.  It's priceless!

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