Hostile Employee Assessment and Termination for Employers

employer safety

“He who Fails to Plan is Planning to Fail”
- Winston Churchill

“He who Fails To Plan Properly is Planning to Fail Tragically”
-Tactical Countermeasures Group

Unfortunately, failure to plan is all to often the case in many Employee Interventions and terminations.  Employers don’t seek the counsel of properly trained and experienced professionals to provide the safe assessment, intervention and when necessary termination of potentially violent employees.  Even when violence is predictable.

  • Executive Safety
  • Workplace Violence Assessment and Intervention
  • Employee Termination/Downsizing Safety Procedures
  • Hostile Employee Termination
  • Employee Background Investigations
  • Specialized Security Services
  • Site and Collateral Employee or Customer Safety
  • Threat Analysis and Management
employer safety

TCG can assist your company in the development of an appropriate HEAT (Hostile Employee Assessment and Termination) program for your business as well as train your security staff in the awareness and management of potential and active threats in the workplace.

TCG, as necessary, will provide your business with full-scope Intervention, Termination and Protective Services with the confidence, professionalism and discretion your company deserves.

Procrastination is not a solution.

Training is not expensive!  It's life saving.  It's priceless!

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