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Tactical Countermeasures Group, whether training officers, agents, operators or civilians, prides itself on providing 塬ity-based䲡ining and 塬ity-based䲡ining must contain a component of reality.  The reality, despite the so many systems that now promote training concepts versus training techniques, do so to convince you that you can develop employable protective skills merely through understanding the conceptual aspect of the skill and to become efficient requires only occasional effort and intellectual training.  This can be and is meant to be very alluring to those of us who have already busy lives.  The reality is that to develop any skill it is undoubtedly important to understand the concept which is the intellectual aspect however at the point of thorough physical application, concept then becomes technique.  The efficient and effective development of technique takes time and training.

As officers, ourselves, we understand the need for defensive techniques that are appropriate to the job, do not require excessive training time, and are capable of providing optimal results in the field.

Tactical Countermeasures Groupà°²ofessionals, after many years of participating in the most prominent training programs available has developed a Unique and Evolving system of Defensive Training.  Although based upon a variety of Martial Arts concepts and techniques, as with most Officer training systems, our research and Development Division has refined basic movements and techniques to their most efficient and effective form to obtain our goal of creating a training system that is uncomplicated, easily assimilated, readily employable and possesses the ability to evolve with the changing primary and collateral needs of the job.  To accomplish this goal we have created and based our training programs on two unique training techniques:

Universal Gross Movement and Deep Quarters Tactics.

Universal Gross Movement

As educated safety professionals, we all know to some extent the difference between gross and fine motor skills.  We know that during times of stress, such as confrontation, that fine motor skills tend to diminish and we know that activities that are considered to be fine motor skills take an immense amount of time and training to be developed into gross motor skills.  Yet, most officer defensive programs continue to involve intrinsic joint locks, body movements and multi-phase techniques.

Universal Movementsare specific patterns of body movement and body positions that we incorporate in all of our training programs creating a fluency and familiarity in the assimilation of our techniques.

Gross Motor Skillsare basic movements that require minimal recall, planning and coordination to execute.  Our training combines the two concepts creating Universal Gross Movement: fluent, familiar movements that require minimal planning and coordination, thus making them efficient and effective to utilize during times of increased stress.

de the Threatﵾ

This is what we do, this is who are and this is what distinguishes us, the real লom all other officers, agents, operatives and especially civilians, we go in when most others go out.  The same á«¥ controlá´´itude is the exact paradigm that will keep us safest on the job.

Deep quarters Defensive Tactics incorporates Universal Gross Management and Basic Defensive Techniques executed at an excessively intimate range.

Deep Quarters Tactics take place de the threat楲sus most officer defense tactics that are performed at/or outside the point of threat.  To put it simply, Deep Quarters Tactics incorporates all viable defensive techniques, strikes, locks and balance disturbance executed at a Judo fighting distance.  Contrary to popular belief this style of execution not only eliminates a great percentage of immediate threat it also, when trained and executed properly allows for the utilization of virtually all defensive hand, foot and body techniques.

Deep Quarters Tactics requires and enhances an ࡭ in control of this encounterࡲadigm, however due to incorporation of specific techniques and universal gross movement makes DQT a most viable, employable and effective alternative to the current and past officer defensive training programs.

Training is not expensive!  It's life saving.  It's priceless!

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