Defensive Shotgun Training

The Defensive Shotgun is a must for serious shooters and those wishing to develop defensive and effective techniques.  The tactics are comprised from realistic street and special operations experiences.  The course aims at malfunction clearances, ammunition management, a greater awareness of cardinal safety rules and the combat mindset.  Students will employ marksmanship skills from standing, kneeling and prone positions.  They will engage threats at close, medium and long distances.

Core objectives include:

  • Become familiar with ammunition selection and terminal ballistics.
  • Become familiar with patterning characteristics and zeroing procedures.
  • Engage specific threats using slug rounds.
  • Become familiar with shotgun retention and shotgun recovery techniques at close contact positions.
  • Engage threats in the open and from concealed/covered positions both static and on the move.
  • Engage threats until they are no longer a threat and perform post-shooting assessments.
  • Engage threats using reduced light techniques.
  • Learn how to field strip and function check their shotguns.
  • Develop dry fire training techniques to maintain proficiency.

The goal of this course is to refine skill confidence and reinforce safe shotgun handling skills.  Student's walk away knowing how their body will react to a lethal confrontation.  They understand how to prepare and if necessary, defend themselves in a lethal confrontation and mentally deal with the aftermath.

Training is not expensive!  It's life saving.  It's priceless!

Quote of the Day

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